The Myth of Homogeneity lands in Antwerp

Emmanuel will be spending three months as a visiting fellow at the University of Antwerp

The Po-His Centre for Political History at the Department of History of the University of Antwerp will host the project from 13 February to 12 May. During this period Emmanuel will be benefiting from access to archives and published sources on the history of the Flemish Movement as well as exchanges with faculty members specialised on Flemish history, the history of nationalism from below and national indifference.

More specifically, he will investigate more in depth the personal trajectories of some Flemish intellectuals that during the interwar period were active in the transnational sphere, notably in organisations such as the International Federation of League of Nations Societies. He will also inquire more extensively into the process of Dutchification of the University of Ghent and the approach of the Church to the Flemish question.

He will also take part in the weekly seminar organised by the Centre introducing the project on 16 February and presenting a paper on repertoires of instrumental nationalism in interwar Western Europe on 20 April.